The renaissance of ‘agile’ is not going to happen in Alpha organizations.

Only in Beta you can ever be ‘agile’

If you want adaptive organizations you need to go for serious decentralization and consistent functional integration.

It was never about ‘agile’

There will never be a humane global economy if there are no organizations built around the well-being of all network partners and the global environment.

So far, ‘agile’ had not a chance to take off

A small team shall own a product or a service end-to-end

Almost every agile team that “owns” a product is basically a centrally supervised development and maintenance team.

End-to-end responsibility is not something that stops at the code or infrastructure level.

Independent value generation is mandatory on a team level

Almost no ‘agile transformation’ created truly functionally integrated teams.

Customers and their needs are the focal points of all effort

Org-Physics by Niels Pfläging

Value generation doesn’t happen within the formal hierarchy.

It requires humility to acknowledge the profound fact that the market controls a company to a far greater extent than managers do.

The proficiency that resides with real subject matter experts often contents with its shadow existence.

Continuous and quick market feedback guarantee constant improvement

Organizations as peaches. This is a visual representation of an agile organization with cells. Stefan Willuda
Organizations as peaches. This is a visual representation of an agile organization with cells. Stefan Willuda
“Organizations as peaches”: Value Creation flows from Center to Periphery to external market — inevitably. by Niels Pfläging via

Managers abuse their formal authority to interfere in value creation.

The problem of centralized decision-making in contrast to decentralization in “Beta” organizations. by Niels Pfläging via

Teams optimize their way of working for flow and continuous value generation

Although many ‘agile organizations’ claim to tear down functional silos, they don’t or remain utterly inconsequent.

Excavate value creation that is buried under management layers that stem from the formal organizational structure.

Your pyramids will never be agile

Pyramids and agility don’t co-exist in the same universe.

Cell Structure Design by Red42 and

It’s time for serious decentralization

The laws of Beta by

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